Getting onto Pat Dye Field isn’t as easy as it looks.

By Meghan Overdeep
December 02, 2019

For Auburn’s hoard of dedicated fans at Saturday’s Iron Bowl matchup against Alabama, the real battle began the moment their team won.

The Tigers defeated their opponent at home for the second time in three years, and so too did the bushes that surround Pat Dye Field.

In the moments following Auburn’s 48-45 victory over their rival, fans rushed the field only to be stymied by a different kind of defensive line: walls of manicured hedges.

The hedges, planted there to slow fans down, did just as they were intended. Though the greenery didn’t stop the majority of the rushers from making it onto the field, it did manage to snag two unlucky ladies.

Naturally, social media had a field day with the footage of the women being swallowed up by the hedges like quicksand.

Though it might look funny, 2017’s storming of the field proved a costly infraction for Auburn, which received a $250,000 fine from the SEC.

Worth it for a year of bragging rights? We think so!