By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 03, 2018

Ah, Apple, let us count the ways our iPhone has saved us. Actually, we can't count that high. (Perhaps Siri can assist...)

Whether you got your hands on a new iPhone X or iPhone 8 for the holidays or simply adore your trusty iPhone 6s, there is one thing you should do before you leave home: Save your boarding passes to the "Wallet" app on your phone. Once you've done so (you can also download concert tickets and coupons here for handy access), you'll be able to pull up your boarding passes offline at any time. This may not sound like a game-changer, but trust us, when you're catching a tight connection and airport cell service is spotty, or you can't find that email with your boarding pass, you'll be so glad you did.

While we have you, here's another smart tip the Apple gurus swear by: If you're traveling abroad and don't have an international plan, be sure to go to "Settings" followed by "Cellular" and then turn off Cellular Data by tapping the green slider. This will ensure you don't rack up pricey data usage while overseas.

Ramen slurped and hiking path forged abroad—fear not—you can still tell your tales to friends and family at home. You turned on Wi-Fi calling, right? (Go to "Settings" then "Phone then "Wi-Fi Calling" to turn on the function.) Share away!