Amazing battery life is a few swipes away.
Apple iPhone X
Credit: Courtesy Apple

Once upon a time, cell phones only made calls. Then, they texted in T9 Word and took grainy photos where you couldn't tell a hat from a glove. Now, cell phones run all aspects of our lives—from scheduling to photo snapping—and to keep them running, it's up to us to make sure we have enough juice to last the whole day.

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So what's one easy thing iPhone users can do to amp up battery life? Simple: Turn your screen brightness down. Dimming your screen may not seem like a game-changer, but keeping it at full brightness is a surefire way to eat up your battery. CNBC notes that Apple also recommends using the auto-brightness feature, which "dims the screen indoors and brightens it outdoors." To enable this function, turn on "true tone" or "auto-brightness" under the "display and brightness" menu.

Another settings savior? "Battery > Low Power Mode. Turn that on now and thank us later when your phone makes it through your niece's softball practice AND post-game dinner.