Gomi's 80,000 Instagram followers helped reunite 14-year-old Osita and her owner.
Gomi the Frenchie and Osita
Credit: Instagram @gomithefrenchie

A lot of things could have happened to Osita, a deaf and partially-blind 14-year-old Chihuahua, when she got away from her owner in South Beach—and most of them aren't good. Thankfully the aging pup wandered directly into the path of a local celebridog and his devoted dog dad.

Over the weekend, Micha Porat, the human behind his dog Gomi's popular Instagram account, found Osita standing in the middle of the street at 1am.

"The dog was in the middle of the street, looking scared and confused," he tells CBS Miami. "The cars were driving by and I was wondering what would a dog be doing in the middle of the street?"

Porat pulled over on the side of the road, scooped up the scared canine, and brought her home to begin the hunt for her owners.

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At home, Porat introduced Osita to Gomi, his cute French Bulldog with an impressive social media following. "My dog fell in love with her," he tells CBS Miami. "It was pretty cute. They got along really well, actually."

After giving her a bath, he photographed the two dogs and shared it with Gomi's 80,000-plus Instagram followers. He hoped that somebody might recognize her.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Briand was frantically searching for his little dog who had jumped out of his car and run off two days earlier. He posted fliers but wasn't getting anywhere—until a friend recognized her on Gomi's Instagram.

"The power of social media. One of my friends saw her on somebody else's page, I don't know who it was. But I ended up connecting with Micha," he says to CBS Miami. "Somehow, in my heart, I knew she was okay. It's a love story!"