The Most Purchased Thanksgiving Side Dish in Every Southern State

Instacart data reveals what's trending in your nook of the country.

Craving mashed potatoes? When it comes to Thanksgiving side dishes, it seems many Southerners have the classic, creamy potato dish on their minds, according to food and retail delivery giant, Instacart. Based on their data, the most purchased Thanksgiving side dish in the Southern part of the country—determined by comparing the percent increase for the number of units sold between September-October and November-December in 2019—is mashed potatoes in eight states, followed by collard greens in a distant second place in four states. What reigns supreme in your neck of the woods? Check out the full list below.

  • Alabama: Mashed potatoes
  • Arkansas: Mashed potatoes
  • Delaware: Collard greens
  • Florida: Mashed potatoes
  • Georgia: Mustard greens
  • Kentucky: Snow peas
  • Louisiana: Brussels sprouts
  • Maryland: Mashed potatoes
  • Mississippi: Turnips
  • Missouri: Mashed potatoes
  • North Carolina: Collard greens
  • Oklahoma: Mashed potatoes
  • South Carolina: Collard greens
  • Tennessee: Collard greens
  • Texas: Broccoli
  • Virginia: Mashed potatoes
  • West Virginia: Mashed potatoes
Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner
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Of course, with many celebrating scaled-back Thanksgiving this year in light of the coronavirus pandemic, certain food trends unique to this year have emerged. “Instacart insights show that more people are opting for smaller cuts of turkey this year rather than buying the whole bird. Turkey drumsticks, wings, thighs, breasts, and cutlets are all trending upwards since many families are opting for smaller celebrations this year," said Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart’s Trends Expert.

“This year, we’ve seen massive growth for many ingredients within the ‘umamitaste’ category. Searches for items like liquid aminos (+1,000%), dried mushrooms (89%), tempeh (64%), oyster sauce (63%), Worcestershire sauce (47%), and sardines (29%) have all grown tremendously compared to this time last year. I expect we could see many people incorporating these deliciously savory ingredients into stuffings, gravies, and veggie side dishes to add a little extra flavor and punch," she continued.

Separated from loved ones this holiday season? Consider Romaniuk's thoughtful suggestion: "If you’re unable to attend your family or friend’s Thanksgiving this year, you can also use Instacart to send loved ones a holiday treat—like a festive dessert or flower arrangement," she said. "Simply input their zip code, choose a local store in their area, fill up the cart with a few special items, place and pay for the order to be delivered right to their doorstep.”

For most of the South, it appears you may very well want to tack on an order of mashed potatoes or collard greens to their special delivery.

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