We hope more school's follow these Alabama teachers' lead.

Middle School Bathroom
Credit: Courtesy Laura Missildine

It's easy to zoom in on a blemish, frizzy hair, or another imperfection when you stare into the reflection in the bathroom mirror. Especially if you're in middle school. Well, feeling anything less but gorgeous at one middle school girls' bathroom just got a lot harder thanks to the dedication of five teachers.

As Michelle Matthews originally reported on AL.com, girls attending Simmons Middle School in Hoover, Alabama can brace themselves for a special welcome to the washroom this year.

"A couple years ago, our principal, Brian Cain, asked us to start taking certain sections of the building and 'making them our own' and creating inviting places for the kids. They spend so much time at school, and the bathroom seemed like a logical place to dress up for the girls as a surprise," Laura Missildine, a 7th grade language arts teacher, told Southern Living. Missildine, along with four other teachers at the school worked together to transform the bathroom into a feel-food oasis for young girls. "We wanted to give them a place that was special and just for them. We went with the 'You are Beautiful' theme because middle school is a time where self- esteem is sometimes at its lowest. Teachers work so hard to show girls their worth and how beautiful they are inside and out, but I think having a physical reminder will help out even more."

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Picture your 13-year-old self catching sight of a gold quote that reads "Beautiful girl, you can do amazing things." Doesn't she perk up instantly? Hey, your adult-self might get a happy kick out of it, too.