These costumes are much more sweet than scary.

By Meghan Overdeep
October 30, 2017

Having a child in the NICU can be a frightening time, one full of fears and anxieties much more real than the light-hearted scares the rest of us dabble in on October 31st. Recognizing this, one Alabama hospital has found the sweetest way to bring a bit of Halloween joy to the NICU, giving the families of their tiniest patients a much needed dose of normalcy—and cuteness.

Enter University of Alabama Birmingham's Institute for Arts in Medicine, a program that supports new parents by giving them outlets to create and provide for their newborns through arts and crafts, like making their infant a Halloween costume for example!

"Creating a sense of normalcy is important for our patients and their families," Sandra Milstead, family nurse liaison in the UAB Women and Infants Center, said in a statement. "The Arts in Medicine programs that families participate in give them a chance to provide for their baby and socialize with other families that may be going through the same situation. Many of them spend weeks or months in our units, so creating a sense of community is important to each family's overall health."

Lillis Taylor, an artist who specializes in sewing, textile design and embroidery, helps parents select and sew tiny costumes for their infants. The babies are then dressed in their costumes by their nurses and photographed, giving parents their first Halloween keepsake.

Scary cute!