Garten's new kitchen renovation made us seriously rethink how we store our pans.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 29, 2018

Once again, the Barefoot Contessa has upped her cooking game. This time, it's come in the form of a $15,500 custom stove by the French company, Lacanche. Indeed, we're swooning for the stove. The finish! The brass hardware! The elegance!

But there's one thing we find our eyes being drawn to again and again that has nothing to do with the spiffy new oven and burners: Her hanging pot and sieve collection. Rather than cram all these kitchen staples in a cabinet beside the Lacanche, Garten opts for a rod behind her stove and some metal hooks so she can hang her cookware a few inches away from where they'll be called to duty.

Not only does this move save precious cabinet space—making it a particularly great trick for smaller kitchens—but it also turns everyday kitchen tools into a makeshift art display.

And what could be more beautiful than a constant visual reminder that mama's famous baked shells with ricotta and tomato sauce are only a few hours and a recipe card away?