Please pass the applesauce.

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Goodnight Bubbala Book Cover

But what if the Barefoot Contessa threw her fabulous recipe for potato latkes into the mix? With plenty of time to spare for Hanukkah 2019, Ina Garten took to Instagram to share some wonderful news for sour cream and applesauce aficionados: "So excited to have my recipe for potato latkes in my friend @sherylhaft ‘s new, deeply charming children's book - #GoodnightBubbula !! It's on-sale today!!"

You can buy the book from Barnes & Noble here. You can also check out Garten's recipe for potato latkes (no word on if it's the same one featured in the book) on Food Network's site here.

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If you'd like some more inspiration for your Hanukkah feast, check out 7 Crispy Latke Recipes Ready for Fryin'.

Mmmmmm, latkes. Time to ditch our dinner plans, friends.