Barefoot Contessa, this is brilliant.

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Cauliflower on Yellow
Credit: mikroman6/Getty Images

Ina Garten leaves no culinary stone unturned. Whether she's teaching us how to make effortless appetizers or sharing her classic dinnerware choice, the Barefoot Contessa also has no shortage of cooking technique tricks up her sleeve.

Yesterday, the Food Network star and author of the upcoming Cook Like a Pro book, shared a savvy method for cutting cauliflower florets without having little specks of the cruciferous vegetable flying around your kitchen.

"If you cut straight through the top, [cauliflower] gets all over your kitchen," she explains. "So what you do is, you turn it over the other way and you cut off the core," she says, as she demonstrates. Now, as the bigger segments drop to your cutting board, you can pull off individual florets. "You have perfect florets and no mess. How easy is that?" Watch the clip below to see her technique in action.

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