This Southern palate isn't sure what to think.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
February 22, 2018
NBC NewsWire/Getty Images

In the South, we take our Brussels sprouts with cornbread croutons, bacon, or melty caramelized onions and plenty of butter. Up North, they apparently take them

Or at least that's how Ina Garten likes it as she shows us in a recent instagram rave for New York City's Martina Pizzeria. "OMG pizza Brussels sprouts cacio e pepe @martinapizzeria in NYC may be my favorite pizza ever!!" she writes. "Thanks @dhmeyer and chef @nickanderer."

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In this cruciferous 'za, gone are the ham hocks and pancetta niblets our Appalachian and Ozark souls crave, replaced instead with savory bits of Pecorino cheese and black pepper. The menu's Brussels Sprouts Cacio e Pepe individual thin-crust pizza ("cacio e pepe" translates to "cheese and black pepper" from Italian) retails for an affordable $9.50.

Not a bad way to "eat your veggies."