Such attention to detail.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 28, 2019
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

When you hear the words "Ina Garten" and "bars," your mind likely floats to lemon bars, apple pie bars, pecan bars, and the like.

Rightfully so. But the Barefoot Contessa isn't one to shy away from throwing a party. And that means busting out the old bar tray and setting up a handsome spread.

This past Friday evening that came in the form of gin, bourbon, scotch, vodka, chilled wine, sparkling water, orange juice, lemons, limes, and a tin of nuts. There's also three goblets and wine tumblers. (Garten didn't forget the fresh flowers perched beside her display, too, of course.) "Music cranked up, drinks ready. It's party time!" Garten noted of her "#FridayNight" accoutrements.

Garten's followers eagerly chimed in, commenting with everything from "Ina can we get your playlist please?" to "Every show and picture I see confirms that I need to be your friend."

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Personally, we're fans of the setup and love the simple straw bar tray and the fresh OJ. The limes and lemons? A great touch. Where's the sweet tea, though, dearest Ina?