We definitely love the look, though!

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
May 04, 2018
Noam Galai/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Ina Garten announced her new book, Cook Like a Pro in an instagram post. While we couldn't be more excited for her latest tome (you can pre-order it on Amazon here), we couldn't help but get jazzed over some other details in the background of her photo.

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What's that you ask? Her marvelous home decor, of course. As Architectural Digest pointed out in a recent post, Garten's decorating of her East Hampton dwelling is more colorful than we previously thought. "While the chef has previously shared photos of her East Hampton home, the images have always looked like the decor was mainly neutral tones," the Architectural Digest piece states. "In the latest shot, however, the piece of furniture behind Garten is in a vibrant shade of orange, with complementing orange and brown pillows. Across the room, what appears to be a bright green couch peeks through from behind Garten as well." We also love the fanciful lamp, the yellow furniture peeking out behind her hand, the vibrant green shrubbery, and the various hues of books donning her book shelves all making for a relaxed and welcoming room.

In previous glimpses of the home's interiors, Ina Garten has shown fans a more neutral palette, like the photos below, even stating, "I love the warmth of neutral colors and natural materials."

While we adore a good neutral color scheme, we're also all for this pop of energizing color in Ina Garten's Hamptons' digs. Perhaps a Decor Like a Pro book is in the pipeline for the Barefoot Contessa?