Out of all 11 of her cookbooks, this one takes the cake.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 16, 2018
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Amy Sussman/Getty Images

File this under facts we didn't know about Ina Garten: The Barefoot Contessa once had a job at the White House working on nuclear energy policy.

Happily for us fans, the new seven-minute episode of Katie Couric's series for The Skimm featuring Ina Garten is packed with interesting tidbits about the Food Network star and author of the upcoming cookbook, Cook Like a Pro: Recipes and Tips for Home Cooks.

In the segment, Garten talks about running her specialty food store in the Hamptons, her rise to celebrity chefdom, and her cookbooks. But the most interesting factoid of it all comes when the two roll up their sleeves and get to cooking. "We're gonna make fresh fig and ricotta cake," Garten says. "It's one of my favorites." When Couric nudges Garten to reveal a favorite recipe from all 11 of her books — "I know you say roasted chicken!" jokes Couric — Garten chimes in, "This might be it, actually! I've made it so many times it's crazy." As for what makes it so special? "I think there's something about the ricotta and lemon and vanilla. They're all great flavors together." If you don't have figs on hand, Garten says you can swap in plums, peaches, or virtually any kind of flavorful fruit you like. Watch the duo's conversation and them make the fig and ricotta cake below.

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