We're dreaming of LEGO coffee tables already.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
June 08, 2018
Nora Carol Photography/Getty Images

If you're ticking off a list of your favorite childhood toys, chances are, it probably doesn't take you long to get to LEGOs.

Now, the furniture giant is teaming up with LEGO in an exciting partnership — as announced Thursday at IKEA's Democratic Design Days in Sweden — though many details remain mysterious. "Both companies promise that the products they develop together will focus on a spirit of play," writes Laura Schocker on Apartment Therapy. Executives Lena Dixen at LEGO and Fredrika Inger at IKEA have kept vague in terms of what, precisely, the two companies will create.

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"I asked Dixen and Inger after the program (IKEA brought journalists, including Apartment Therapy, along for Democratic Design Days), if they had any sense of whether the products they developed would focus on children, adults, or the intersection of parents playing with children," relayed Schocker. "Most likely all of the categories that you mentioned—of course kids, but also parents and adults," Dixen responded to Schocker's inquiry.

Our curious minds are going wild with anticipation. Will we finally get the LEGO playroom slide of our childhood dreams? Perhaps a LEGO-erected flower pot for the garden? A LEGO coffee table with built-in spinning, plastic brick coasters? For now, we'll just have to sit tight and contemplate splurging on this LEGO home replica on Etsy.