If you know, you know.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
May 02, 2018

Drumroll please: "After 30 years in our range, it's one of the most hardworking bags in the world. It's big and strong and carries most things. Be it shopping, doing laundry or going to the beach, it goes wherever you go," reads the website description of the fabled IKEA FRAKTA shopping bag. But this is a bag that goes above and beyond product blurbs — for a mere $1.29 to boot.


The 19 gallon IKEA bag is a master vehicle for transporting soccer uniforms of yesteryear, books, lamps, and miscellaneous ephemera to the neighborhood potluck, vacation rentals, and basement storage. Did we mention it makes a heck of a grocery shopping bag for tailgate runs?

Perhaps, above all, it's a secret boon for moving. Unlike cardboard boxes, these roomy, flexible bags can accommodate oddly-shaped items and are still easy to tape up and throw in a car or moving truck, notes Liz Steelman on Apartment Therapy. "Yes, the price almost tripled from a measly $0.50 in the past decade to a whopping $1.30, but guess what — that's still pretty cheap," writes Steelman. "For the price, not stocking up when you don't necessarily need them might be the silliest moving mistake you're making. Plus, since they're lightweight and flexible, you'll have no problem storing them in a packed closet."

In short, this bag does everything. And for those who fret it won't speed clean your house for you, you've clearly never stuffed three behind your old tennis sneakers in the coat closet. Clutter? What clutter?