Here's a quick way to add $40 to your holiday shopping budget.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 09, 2017

How does an Amazon, Target, or Visa gift card sound? How does a $40 Amazon, Target or, Visa gift card sound for doing something fun?

Well, thanks to an offer from Hyundai, you can enjoy $40 of Christmas shopping, birthday gift gathering, or self indulgences for just test-driving a new Hyundai car.

To get the gift card, visit this link on the Hyundai site. You'll fill out a simple form (opt out of the telemarketing box!) and select what car you want to test drive. Then, you'll be referred to the nearest Hyundai dealer and offered a coupon to redeem at the dealership for your gift card.

As for how to spend the dollars, we certainly have no shortage of ideas. Currently, we're torn between picking up a new Amazon toy for the little ones or wowing our Thanksgiving hostess with an amazing gift. Who's ready to hit the test-driving track with us?