Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has proved a blessing for one Arkansas toddler and her family.
A medical illustration from 'Quain's Elements of Anatomy, Eighth Edition, Vol.II' (by William Sharpey MD, LLD, FRS L&E, Allen Thomson, MD, LLD, FRS L&E, and Edward Albert Schafer) depicts the right half of the brain divided by a vertical antero-posterior
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The miracle of medicine has shone down on a beautiful young girl from Arkansas. In 2016, Eden Carlson, who was nearly two-years-old at the time, drowned in a swimming pool at home after making it past a baby gate and remained submerged under 41 degree water for 15 minutes. Her mother found her and conducted CPR, but at the hospital, she was technically dead for two hours. Due to the near drowning incident, she suffered severe brain injuries. Eden lost her ability to walk, talk, and respond to the verbal cues of others.

Now, in what is believed to be the first reversal of its kind, the toddler has undergone new oxygen treatments with incredible results thanks to Dr. Paul Harch in New Orleans. Watch the story on "Good Morning America" here.

The FDA warns that the safety and effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy has not been proven for many conditions. But amazingly, Eden is now moving, talking, and continuing to improve with time.

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In fact, at the conclusion of Eden's treatment, MRI scans revealed that a mild residual injury still remained in Eden's brain, but she had undergone a practically complete cortical and white matter atrophy. Researchers are amazed by the outcome, and we are sending our well wishes to this resilient, special little girl!