Chainsaw husband with Wife, Newborns and Daughter
Credit: Nathalie Pozo

Oh baby!

Heather and Mehrvarz Yavaliollah were planning to wait for Hurricane Irma to clear before they began cleanup on the tree that smashed into their Buckhead, Georgia, home on Monday. The couple and their young daughter were OK—the tree had damaged their roof, gutters and blocked their front door, but removing it could wait. Or so they thought.

Everything changed when Heather's water broke on Tuesday morning. She was pregnant with twins, and they'd decided to make their arrival one month before their due date.

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"Everything looked fine and we were not expecting anything to happen and then Irma came along and changed all of that," Heather told Fox 5.

So Mehrvarz made his way to their shed, grabbed a chainsaw from beneath a pile of outdoor furniture and went to work on the tree.

"My wonderful neighbors saw me outside, they kind of knew the situation so they started grabbing limbs as I was cutting them off and helped move them to the street, so very thankful to them," Mehrvarz told Fox 5.

Even though the Yavaliollah's truck didn't start at first, Heather eventually made it to Piedmont Hospital, where she delivered two healthy baby boys, Stuart and Solomon.

"Sweet little angels, so Irma was no indication of their behavior," she notes.