Woman Getting Curlers In Gray Hair
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Andrew and Theresa were married for almost 45 years before Andrew started styling her hair.

Theresa had a stroke some 18 years ago, according to Today, who spoke with the New Braunfels, Texas couple, who asked that their last names not be shared. The stroke made it difficult for her to wield a hairbrush and blow dryer to arrange her hair in a style she liked. After watching his wife struggle, Andrew decided to step into the breach and went where few husbands dared to go—he went to the salon and signed up for hairstyling lessons.

It all started when Theresa went to the salon and got a new ‘do that she loved, but like many of us, she could never recreate the look at home. Her efforts to style her hair were hampered by her somewhat limited mobility. When Andrew saw her frustration, he decided to help.

He returned to the Foundry Salon and bought the products his wife needed. When stylist Andrea Gomez spotted the helpful husband, she offered to teach him the tricks of the trade and Andrew happily took her up on the kind gesture. When Andrew and Theresa came for the lesson, stylist Raigen Kelley captured it all on video and posted it on Facebook.

The video, which has already racked up 9.3 million views, shows Andrew behind the stylist's chair asking questions about tools and technique while Gomez patiently guides him through the process. It's nearly impossible to watch the video without tearing up at the sweet display of affection. "Proof that true love really exists," Kelley wrote in the video's caption. "Truly one of the best things I have been able to witness in my life. Brought tears to my eyes…what an amazing man and what a lucky woman."

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According to the couple's son, Steve, this is not out of the ordinary for his dad who serves as his wife's primary caregiver, taking a job that lets him be with Theresa, making sure she is always comfortable and apparently well-coiffed. Steve says that his dad is still doing a pretty good job with his mom's hair, proving that the hairstyling lessons paid off. The real lesson, though, is in love and we it never hurts to take a refresher course on that.