"The best convoy known to mankind is coming over the hill."

By Meghan Overdeep
October 16, 2018
Facebook/Ralph Alspach

The majority of the Alspach family's journey from their home in Tallahassee to Panama City over the weekend was depressing. Remnants of Hurricane Michael's destructive winds littered the roughly 100 miles they traversed on their way to help friends remove fallen trees in the hard-hit city.

Just when their surroundings seemed most bleak, they spotted a ray of hope. A ray of hope with a police escort.

Dad Ralph pulled the family's truck over to the side of the highway to document the unbelievable sight: an endless convoy of Publix trucks on their way to provide food to Michael's victims.

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"The best convoy known to mankind is coming over the hill," Ralph narrates over the sound of police sirens as the stream of trucks comes into view.

"Publix is here!" he exclaims as the first of countless 18 wheelers bearing the unmistakable logo of the South's favorite supermarket scream by.

"We were on the way to Panama City to help some friends clear trees and we saw some depressing damage, but this convoy lifted our spirits!" Ralph wrote alongside the inspiring video (below) on Facebook. In just two days, his post has been viewed more than 1.3 million times and received upwards of 22,000 likes.

Publix, which is based out of Florida, recently shared the video on its official Facebook page. "Thank you, Ralph, for helping others," the caption reads. "It's our pleasure to be there for our communities in times of need."

And it's not just Pub Subs and Scooby Snacks that the beloved retailer is contributing. Publix also donated $250,000 for Hurricane Michael recovery efforts.

To help relief efforts, you can donate to the Florida Disaster Fund here.