Cantore's superpowers were caught live on air.

By Meghan Overdeep
October 12, 2018
Handout/Getty Images

Jim Cantore to the rescue!

Proving once again that he's exactly the person you want around in bad weather, the South's favorite meteorologist more than lived up to his reputation during Weather Channel's live television coverage of Hurricane Michael this week.

NBC News' Kerry Sanders experienced Cantore's superpowers firsthand while covering the monster storm as it moved through Panama City Wednesday afternoon. Sanders was on camera when he was nearly swept away by Michael's 130-mph winds. Luckily, Cantore was nearby.

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NBC Washington shared a video on Twitter (below) that shows Sanders fighting to keep his footing while being battered mercilessly by the storm's extreme winds. Then, out of nowhere, Cantore appears and walks calmly and deliberately to the struggling anchor. With his hands firmly on Sanders' back, the two of them make their way to a pole and brace themselves against the wind.

"Wow. Thank you. Thank you," Sanders can be heard telling his savior.

While Sanders retreats to the safety of a nearby building, Cantore, incredibly, heads back out into the storm.

That's Jim Cantore for y'all!