Southwest Airlines has already announced a rebooking policy, with more expected to do so in the coming days.
Hurricane Michael Airlines
Credit: Eddisonphotos/Getty Images

In anticipation of Hurricane Michael, which is poised to strike the Gulf Coast as a Category 3 storm later this week, airlines have already begun waiving their flight change fees, reports.

Southwest Airlines has announced a rebooking policy for customers flying to or from several cities in Michael's path, including New Orleans, Panama City, Florida and Pensacola, Florida between Tuesday and Thursday of this week. The waiver also covers passengers traveling to or from Cancun, Mexico and Havana, Cuba.

"Customers who are holding reservations to/from/through the cities listed above on the corresponding dates may rebook in the original class of service or travel standby (within 14 days of their original date of travel between the original city-pairs and in accordance with our accommodation procedures) without paying any additional charge," the airline's website explains.

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Meanwhile, Delta's Meteorology team is reportedly "keeping a watchful eye on Tropical Strom Michael and its forecasted path across the Gulf of Mexico over the next several days," and will update its policies accordingly.

According to TravelPulse, it's likely that other major airlines will begin waiving change fees as the storm gets closer.