This fancy little lady prefers to nap with her teddy bear.

By Meghan Overdeep
November 22, 2019

Who could have guessed that Hurricane Isaac would make an Instagram celebrity out of a rodent? Well, Jill, a squirrel living it up in Louisiana, is one lucky girl.

Jill’s story begins in August 2012, when she was tossed from her tree by Isaac’s strong winds. Fortunately, the baby squirrel was rescued by an incredible human, and a friendship for the ages was born.

Now seven years old, Jill has been delighting her more than 680,000 Instagram followers with her antics for the better part of a decade. The little lady’s hobbies include Starbucks napkins, parkour, modeling, eating, hanging out with her devoted mama, and best of all, napping with her beloved teddy bear.

And though she has her own cage, Jill pretty much has the run of the house. She’s even potty trained! The only thing she doesn’t like are vacuum cleaners, and honestly, can you blame her? And the best part is that every aspect of her adorable life is documented on social media.

Now that’s what we call cute.