"It felt like an honorable thing to do."

By Meghan Overdeep
September 12, 2017
Credit: Coral Springs Police

In the moments after Hurricane Irma finally relinquished its grip on Coral Springs on Saturday, a group of first-responders came upon an unsettling sight: a fallen American flag laying in the middle of the road.

Even though their mission was to save people, Officer Joseph Schiavo, 42, told ABC News that he and his colleagues made a "collective decision" to rescue the waterlogged symbol from the elements.

"I just thought at the moment that it would be a disgrace to let that lay on the ground," Schiavo added.

So he exited their armored vehicle to retrieve it. Footage taken from inside the truck, which has since gone viral, shows Schiavo getting out, picking up the flag and waving it in the high winds.

"It felt like an honorable thing to do," Schiavo told ABC News. "To me personally it just represented every first responder."

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On September 11th, the Coral Springs Police Department shared the video of the moving moment on their Facebook page. "Even in the midst of a storm, we are reminded of the love for our country and community," the caption reads.