This amazing story of a stranger helping out a lost dog reveals the power of social media.
Harvey Dog
Credit: Twitter / Aaron Jayjack

As the rains and unrelenting winds of Hurricane Harvey pelted down on Texas Saturday, August 26th, professional storm chaser Aaron Jayjack did what he does best. He jumped in his car.

Little did he dream that a quick gas pitstop along the way would lead to a chance encounter with a canine friend in need. But exactly that happened when a stranded pup hopped into Jayjack's jeep outside of the town of Runge to escape the rising flood waters. As it would happen, Jayjack was actually driving from Victoria to Austin to pick up his own dogs at the boarders when the soggy dog joined him. There was no way he'd leave this guy behind.

Jayjack posted a video to Twitter, urging people to spread the word about the lost dog, and his tweet quickly reached over 14,000 retweets. "I really need help trying to find this guy's owner, we'll call him Harvey," said Jayjack.

Thankfully, the tweet led Jayjack to the owners of Harvey—whose real name is Cash—and he was able to return the dog safely to his family. Amazingly, this all occurred on National Dog Day, an annual holiday founded in 2004 to celebrate dogs and inspire people to adopt animals in need.

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While Cash's story has a happy ending, more horrific weather in Texas is on the way and Harvey's destruction thus far has been massive. For more information on how to help our Texas neighbors, see our guide here.