Here's where to donate money and supplies for Texans in shelters.

By Hannah Hayes
August 29, 2017
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When the call for disaster relief supplies goes out, many are quick to donate canned food, blankets, and clothing, but there's one item that becomes a stark necessity in the wake of tragedy like Hurricane Harvey: diapers. 

Under the duress of leaving their homes, many evacuees don't have the time or mindset to pack them before they leave, and, many of the shelters helping them don't have stockpiles for babies and senior citizens. It not only creates even more problems for parents and caregivers, but can also be a main cause in the spread of illness. 

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The good news is there are several nonprofits working to get diapers to where they're most needed in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. While Texans can bring physical packages of diapers to their drop-off locations, the best way for those outside the state to help them is to donate money to the following organizations or help purchase diapers on for their wishlist. 

These are the two organizations that are in need. 

Texas Diaper Bank

This nonprofit is still in need of diapers, pull-ups, and adult incontinence underwear for evacuees across Texas. You can help them by fulfiling their wishlist on or donating any amount through their website. 
Click here to help with their Amazon Wishlist
Click here to donate

Austin Diaper Bank

This Austin-based organization needs diapers, but they're also looking for cleansing cloths, overnight pads, diaper rash cream, and trash bags.
Click here to help with their Amazon Wishlist 
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Click here for drop-off locations