"We understand how it feels to evacuate."
Hurricane Florence Evacuee Note
Credit: Facebook/Ashleigh Gilleland

Myrtle Beach mom-to-be Ashleigh Gilleland was leaving a restaurant in Sarasota, Florida, with her fiancé over the weekend when she noticed a note tucked beneath her car's windshield wipers.

The 21-year-old Hurricane Florence evacuee told Fox News that she assumed someone had something mean to say about her parking. Instead, she found a note offering words of comfort. Enclosed was $5 and a Walmart gift card.

"Saw your license plate is from South Carolina. Not sure if you evacuated from the storm, but just know Florida is praying for you and your state," the handwritten letter, signed by a woman named Chelsey, read. "When we had Irma, we evacuated to Alabama and received a similar letter on our car because we had a Florida license plate, so I wanted it pass it on. We understand how it feels to evacuate."

Gilleland, who's expecting a baby boy in February, was understandably stunned.

"I was overwhelmed and automatically started thinking about how I could pay it forward for someone else," Gilleland told Fox News. "The smallest gestures can make the biggest impacts on people's lives."

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Gilleland's Facebook post about the touching act quickly went viral. And through the power of social media, she was able to connect with Chelsey and thank her personally.

Gilleland told Fox that she's determined to spread Chelsey's kindness when she gets home and keep the chain of positivity going.

"I'm going to pay it forward once I get home because I know of all the devastation that has happened there over the past week." she said. "Myrtle Beach needs some positivity."