Castaway Cow That Swam 5 Miles During Hurricane Dorian Was Pregnant, Just Gave Birth

Let's hear it for this brave mama's survival instincts!

Cedar Island Cow
Photo: Paula D. O'Malley

Just when you thought the tale of the three cows that survived Hurricane Dorian's eight-foot "mini tsunami" by swimming approximately five miles to the Outer Banks couldn't get any more incredible, it turns out that one of those cows was pregnant during the ordeal.

According to Ranch Solutions, the company tasked with collecting the castaway cows back in November, a healthy calf has been seen following its mother Doriene around back home on Cedar Island.

Now, the difficulty surrounding her rescue makes sense. She was a mama on a mission.

"She gave us the most challenges, spotting & stalking, & the most trips through the thickest marsh during our rescue operation last November," Ranch Solutions wrote on Facebook. "She has now calved a healthy calf back on Cedar Island!

The cattle, which are known by their nickname "sea cows" along the coast, are part of a herd of about 20 wild cows that roamed private land on Cedar Island. Most are believed to have died in the storm.

Now, thanks to Doriene's little miracle, the herd of sea cows currently stands at seven.

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"We're happy to know there's still a possibility of this wild herd prospering!" Ranch Solutions wrote.

Congrats mama!

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