Hurricane Delta Slams Already Battered Louisiana Coast

Here’s how you can help.

Hurricane Delta Takes Aim At Louisiana's Gulf Coast
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Just six weeks after Hurricane Laura devastated Lake Charles, and Cameron Parrish, Louisiana, Hurricane Delta slammed ashore Friday night as a powerful category 2 storm just 12 miles away. Wind strength ranged from 86 to 100 mph, and heavy rain hammered the region for hours. The people of southwest Louisiana had not even begun to recover from the destruction caused by Laura, and most homes in Lake Charles had blue tarps for roofs ahead of Delta's arrival.

Early Saturday morning, Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards tweeted, "Delta has left hazards like flooded roads, downed power lines and displaced wildlife in our communities that no one should take lightly. Everyone needs to remain vigilant, continue to listen to local officials and be safe."

As the 10th named storm in the U.S. this year, Hurricane Delta broke the record of 9 named storms set in 1916. This is not a record anyone would wish for, and certainly not for two storms to hit the same area in such a short time span. The people of southwest Louisiana are going to need our help for some time to come. But because Laura hit just over a month ago, many relief organizations were already established in the area and ready to go. If you have the capability to help, here are some organizations where you could direct your donations and lend a helping hand.

Mercy Chefs

Virginia based Mercy Chefs had two teams in the area ahead of the storm Friday, ready to move in as soon as it was safe and return to the same locations they had served during the days after Laura. To date, Mercy Chefs have shown up in disaster's wake to serve more than six million meals since the organization was founded by Chef Gary and Ann LeBlanc. You can donate here.

Operation BBQ Relief

Missouri based Operation BBQ Relief also responds to disaster with a warm plate of food in their unique style. This group of do-gooder BBQ pit masters have been answering the call to feed since tornadoes ravaged Joplin, Missouri 2011. They were staged in Lake Charles ahead of the storm Friday and as their Chief of Programs, Jay Collins said, "I can't solve all the issues in the community but what I can do is promise that we'll provide the one hot meal that matters by the healing power of BBQ." You can find out how to help their efforts here.

American Red Cross

In response to natural disasters the American Red Cross serves many needs. They organize blood drives for the injured, shelter for the displaced, and nourishment for the hungry, just to name a few. Due to Covid-19, they have less volunteers as they normally would, and donations are down. Find out how you can help here.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is often the among the first to arrive in the wake of the storm and this will be no different. As they tweeted Friday, they were already preparing hot meal kits and hygiene kits for all who have storm damage. Help these first responders by donating here.

World Central Kitchen

Chef José's organization that feeds those in need all over the world and they got to work ahead of the storm. Early in the day on Friday they posted that they were already feeding first responders before the storm even hit and they then weathered the storm in Lafayette, Louisiana, ready to get back to work feeding those in need as soon as the storm clears. Donate to their efforts here.

Once again we are keeping the people of coastal Louisiana and the brave first responders headed to the area in our prayers.

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