These street-smart gators are wild about safety!

Alligator Crosswalk
Credit: YouTube/Austin Bond

The alligators of South Carolina's Huntington Beach State Park appear to be developing a taste for following the law!

Since August, two separate instances of alligators using the crosswalk at the park's main entrance have been caught on video—leading many locals to wonder what's in those murky waters just south of Myrtle Beach.

The first video, taken in August by Pawleys Island resident Jimmy Card, shows a confident gator crossing the street to the south.

And in a new video taken this week, another gator can be seen using the same crosswalk to get from one half of the marsh to the other—only this time, the law-abiding crocodilian is going the other way. Adding to the hilarity is the car that can be seen waiting patiently for the alligator to make his way across the road safely.

"We teach our alligators to use crosswalks," South Carolina State Parks joked on Facebook. But are they joking?

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If you do come across an alligator in the wild—whether in a crosswalk or somewhere else—experts advise giving alligators their space as they are often looking for food. Never attempt to feed or touch them.