This helpful tip could save you from the frustration of missing your exit.

By Melissa Locker
September 27, 2017

We have all been there. You're driving down the highway and see the sign for your exit, and merge into the right lane—only for it to turn out that the exit is on the left. That means you have no recourse but to miss your exit or carefully make your way across three lanes of highway traffic to make the turn. It's frightening and frustrating and, as it turns out, sometimes completely avoidable.

A clever writer over at Lifehacker figured out one giant hint about which side of the road your exit will be on, and you'll be shaking your head that you didn't realize this earlier.

Turns out that the position of a highway's exit sign just might indicate which side you'll have to exit on. For instance, if you're driving down the interstate in Mississippi and the sign for your exit is on the left, chances are your exit will be on the left, too. If the sign for the exit is on the right, your exit will most likely be on the right, too.

One word of caution, though. This method isn't foolproof and every state and county does things a little bit differently, especially in the South. Still, pay attention to the location of the exit signs, and you just might be able to safely make your way to the correct side of the highway in a timely manner and avoid cutting across three lanes of traffic to make your exit. Although, if there's a Waffle House on the other side of the highway, all bets are off!