Would you try this out next time you're craving a caffeine jolt?

Fall may be in full swing, but it's still hot enough to crave an iced latte (truth be told, there's never a bad time to order the refreshing beverage). The simple combination of milk and brewed espresso, however, sure can be pricy.

According to Lifehacker's Ultimate Guide to Paying Less at Starbucks, there's a handy workaround to save money next time you place your order. Ask for an iced Americano in your desired size with no water. After receiving your drink, you can add milk to your coffee on your own from a communal pitcher (the story notes this also works with a hot coffee, but this will alter the temperature of your drink). Voilà!

Admittedly, some Starbucks employees may not exactly be thrilled if they catch you doing this trick. As the article reports, Today.com writer, Alexandra Dubin, tried out the tip at her local Starbucks and scored a makeshift iced latte for $2.65 instead of a Lincoln. Her maneuver didn't elicit any looks from onlooking baristas, but Dubin speculates it could have simply been luck.

For all those pennies saved? We'd certainly suggest leaving a nice tip.

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