It won't work for every vacation, but can help you save big-time when it does.
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Credit: Tobias Titz/Getty Images

Travel company KAYAK just released their findings from their first "Global Hotel Study" and there's one takeaway we want to imprint into our vacation-planning brain: Don't check out of your hotel on Sundays. We repeat, do not schedule your hotel check out for Sunday.

"Unlike airfare, you won't typically see hotel prices fluctuate much, but we do see supply and demand play a role. With the majority of Americans leaving their hotel on Sundays, it actually makes it a great day to check in," says David Solomito, VP Marketing at KAYAK North America. "While this may not be ideal for weekend travelers, those with flexible schedules can save between 10-and-18 percent by simply switching up their check-in to a Sunday."

Indeed, KAYAK reports that checking in on a Friday or a Saturday and checking out on a Sunday makes for the most expensive hotel booking, while a Sunday check in is cheapest. After Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are the next best options for checking in to your hotel room.

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