Planning a road trip? You'll want to keep this in mind.

Don't let the gas pump get you down when it comes to your summer road trip plans.

As many already know, gas prices are in a constant state of flux, and it's not always predictable which way the price ticker will fall. But here's a smart tip, courtesy of USA TODAY, that's especially handy for summer road trips: "Many gas stations raise their prices on Thursday afternoons in anticipation of long weekend road trips," Marc Diana, CEO of MoneyTips, a financial advice site, told USA TODAY. "Beat the rush and save money by heading out earlier in the week instead."

Of course, not all travel plans are flexible, but if yours are, it may be in your best interest to hit the road Thursday AM to beat a potential price spike at the gas pump.

Looking to save more on gas? According to a recent survey from popular smartphone app and site GasBuddy, Monday may be the cheapest day to fill up your tank. As for when to nosh on the best meal at the gas station? Well, us Southerners know that pleasure can be enjoyed beside the fluorescent lights of a fuel stop any day of the week.