We've definitely been overpaying for rental cars with this common flub.

A recent trip to New Orleans began something like this for me: Deplane at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International airport, smell beignets, book it to pick up a rental car on the airport grounds. Sound familiar? I'm definitely not alone in this popular travel MO, but it turns out, it could be making a serious dent into your travel budget.

"Renting a car from an airport location is terribly convenient, which is why it's usually the most expensive," writes Lisa Marie Conklin on ReadersDigest.com. "Instead, hop on a hotel shuttle to get closer to town, then rent from a non-airport based location, suggests Charles McCool, travel expert and blogger at McCool Travel. In some cases, paying for an Uber to a nearby car rental company is still cheaper than booking at the airport location."

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Hey, this move may even help you save time: The long lines at airport rental car depots can wind on for what feels like eternity, but rental car checkouts can be much speedier elsewhere. Three cheers for sinking your teeth into that beignet faster.