You probably have this in your kitchen.

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Getting rid of excess splotches or streaks of self-tanner can be a messy endeavor. Sounds like fun? We didn't think so. And while you could go out and buy a tan remover, this DIY tip is a quick and simple way to erase self-tanner from your body.

Ready? Brace yourself: If you want to remove self-tanner from your body, grab a lemon. Yes, trust us. Cut it open. Squeeze out the juice into a bowl.

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"Applying lemon juice to those splotches is a natural way to help exfoliate. Use a cotton pad to apply, and scrub away," explains Jaime Richards on PopSugar. In another story on PopSugar regarding self-tanner, Tori Crowther advises warming up the lemon juice slightly in order to help with the removal process.

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