Just in time for shedding season.

By Meghan Overdeep
April 12, 2018
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It's that time of year again!

For pet owners, change of season means one thing: shedding. As soon as the weather starts to shift, everything from the furniture to the clothes on our backs seem to magically transform into magnets for jettisoned fur. And as the owner of a large male Labrador retriever, I'm acutely aware of the shedding struggle. Seriously, he sheds like a dead Christmas tree!

Luckily, there is hope. Here are a few hard-earned tips to keep you sane and your surfaces fur-free as we enter into shedding season.


Sorry pup, until the clouds of fur pass, lint rollers and their equivalents are my new best friends. I keep one by the door for any last-minute touch-ups, and one of these in my purse for on-the-go furmergencies.


Even the most expensive vacuums don't always cut it. For particularly stubborn fur situations I whip out my Evriholder FURemover Broom ($19.57; Amazon), which is basically a giant squeegee. It's a bit of a workout, but your carpets (and arms) will thank you in the end. Gently scraping a pumice stone over your carpet and rugs is said to work well too. After the fur has been sufficiently loosened, I transition to the vacuum, being careful to go over the same spots twice and from alternating directions.

For hardwood and other bare floors, microfiber dry mops or Swiffer dry pads are ideal for corralling fur balls.


For upholstered furniture, put on a pair of rubber gloves, wet them with water and rub your hand over the surface to attract fur. If you don't have gloves handy, simply spritz your furniture with fabric softener and then wipe off.

The Actual Pet

I cannot say enough good things about my FURminator. During peak shedding season, I use this on my dog multiple times a week, which drastically reduces the number of fur balls I have to contend with. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and are available for cats too.

Good luck out there, y'all!