And it has nothing to do with how you apply your fragrance.
Woman Applying Perfume
Credit: Maryviolet/Getty Images

We've long absorbed (pun intended) some rules of perfume application. We dutifully dab and never rub. We know that the best time to apply perfume is right after we shower or, if need be, after we moisturize our skin. But here's a new credo we've never heard before, and it could explain why our favorite perfume scent fades away faster than we'd like: drink water. (For women, the daily recommendation is around 11.5 cups or 2.7 liters of fluids a day, though many can factors influence the amount your body needs.)

The reason loading up on water can help your favorite scent last longer? "The way your skin reacts with a perfume has a lot to do with the pH level, and with the moisturization level," Rachel ten Brink, co-founder of fragrance company Scentbird, told PopSugar. "If you think about how we smell, what we're doing is picking up molecules that are floating in the air, but the molecules have to dissipate first. Very dry skin literally sucks in the fragrance, and then it doesn't dissipate in the air."

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Well, there you have it. Yet another reason to set that water reminder urging you to head to the kitchen and refill your glass of H2O.