No additional nail polish, toothpicks, or tape required!
Red Manicure
Credit: Jonathan Jones / EyeEm/Getty Images

Been there, chipped that. We feel you, ladies.

The good news is, the easiest way to preserve a flawless manicure may be hiding in your cleaning closet: A pair of rubber gloves. That's right, rubber gloves can help extend the length of your latest mani (fret not, we're not going to suggest you sport them outside your home). To keep your manicure in stellar condition, simply throw on a pair of dishwashing gloves whenever you're well, washing dishes, cleaning a sink or bath tub, or doing any other household chores that involve placing your hands in hot water.

PureWow gives us the scoop on why this move is so effective: "Hot water erodes both the top and base layers of your manicure— quite obviously for regular polish but also for gels and acrylics — leading to more chips and an overall shorter lifespan." Rubber gloves, of course, keep your hands protected from this, and can help keep your manicure looking as good as new.

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Alternatively, you can also tell the kids and hubs that you won't be able to clean the dishes or scrub the tubs for the next couple of days. We hear that method is equally effective for pristine nails, ladies.