Your car will thank you.

By Meghan Overdeep
July 01, 2019
Erik Isakson/Getty Images

Nothing sours a beautiful day at the beach like a car ride home full of sandy little feet. And there's only so much a quick rubdown or rinse can do erase hours of body surfing and sandcastle building.

Fortunately, there's a cheap, easy trick out there that moms swear by. Better yet, it involves something you probably already have on hand.

Speaking with British parenting website Mumsnet, savvy moms across the pond recently shared that rubbing baby powder on your sandy feet and toes before cleaning your feet is a game-changer.

"Chuck a load on your feet to help brush off the sand that's stuck to them," one said. "Works like a charm."

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Before you put your shoes on, simply apply a large amount of powder to your feet to soak up all the moisture gluing those tiny grains of sand to your feet. Less moisture means the sand will no longer stick, and a quick flick of a towel should be all it takes to make your feet sand-free.

Voila! Consider your beach days saved.