No exceptions.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
May 17, 2018
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Noam Galai/Getty Images

Picture this: You spend a half-an-hour productively cranking through your online shopping at You scored the perfect dress for that spring wedding you're attending for $40. You got a darling necklace for your niece. You even picked up a dreamy peach sorbet bath towel. Your total? $87. Alas, you haven't hit the $99 mark for free shipping, but you're not exactly stoked to fork over their $10.95 fee for shipping. What's a gal to do?

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Thankfully, there's a hack for that. And Reader's Digest recently pointed it out in their information-packed piece, "50 Insider Secrets to Help You Save at All Your Favorite Stores." Here's the handy trick you can use to score free shipping in the contiguous U.S.:

"No one wants to pay for shipping. But for orders that total less than $99, you'll have to fork over a whopping $10.95 for it—unless you're buying beauty products, which ship for free. The hack: Add a cheap beauty product (one you'll actually use that costs less than $10.95) to your shopping bag and enjoy that sweet free shipping on everything else."

And in any event, we totally needed that $10 Little MAC Lipstick. Totally.