This is the absolute best way to find the makeup artist of your dreams.
Bride Getting Makeup Done
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Dress? Check. Shoes? Check. Hair? Your favorite salon, of course. Makeup? Help me Rhonda!

We feel you, ladies. Finding the right makeup artist for your big day can be one of the tougher tasks on your wedding to-do list. But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, there's an easy move to find a superstar makeup artist for your nuptials.

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As Brides recently reported, "Word of mouth is often the most reliable way of securing a makeup artist whose skills and talents match your beauty goals." Getting a recommendation from someone you trust may also may give you leverage in terms of negotiating price since the beauty pro has worked with your friends or kin before. "When looking for a makeup artist I find that referrals are a great way to start! Many of my clients are referred to me by past and current clients over the years. It's always great to find a makeup artist that comes with a great recommendation from someone you know," Nicole Pucillo of Motivational Makeup told Brides.

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