Well, that explains our flopped efforts.
Asparagus Bunch
Credit: Clara_Gabrielli/Getty Images

Tarragon aspargus with eggs? Asparagus, zucchini, and carrot ribbon salad? Simply sautéed with olive oil and a sprinkling of your favorite spices? There's truly no shortage of mouthwatering ways to serve up this spring favorite. But if you're not busting out your tongs and heading to the grill to cook up these wondrous stalks, you're missing out.

As The Kitchn points out in a recent article, it's important to select your asparagus carefully before cooking. "Thin spears take well to being blanched for a salad, steamed, tossed in a stir-fry, blitzed into pesto, and being eaten raw," notes author Kelli Foster. Meanwhile, thick spears are better suited for more intense, high-heat cooking methods like grilling and roasting (thick spears also hold up nicely for steaming).

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If you throw thin spears on the grill, they can burn and even start to disintegrate since they aren't sturdy enough to hold up to the high and direct heat.

Now, while we have you, here's the right way to trim asparagus. Time to fire up the grill and cut some lemon wedges, aspara-guys and gals.