Ree Drummond Spills the Tea on Filming 'The Pioneer Woman' During the Pandemic

Paige, Alex, Mauricio, and Drummond's nephew Stuart are all key players.

The show must go on! During the coronavirus pandemic, those in the entertainment industry have had to get creative, whether it's livestreaming a concert from their basement (hey, Keith Urban) or talk shows conducting virtual interviews via video chat.

Ree Drummond's hit Food Network series, The Pioneer Woman, is no exception, with her children stepping in for her standard 20-or-so-person television crew from the U.K. As we learned in a recent in-depth post on, quarantine has transformed the way Drummond's show is filmed.

Ree Drummond in Kitchen

Drummond's own daughters, Alex and Paige, have become camerawomen, making sure we get those great shots of whatever Drummond is cooking up for the day, along with plenty of scene-setting pans across the kitchen. "Alex and Paige take turns operating the main camera (the camera I talk to, that follows my cooking)," Drummond said in the article. "I think they just have a sense of my rhythms, so they can anticipate when I'm going to want them to zoom in on the food and so forth." See photos of the two sisters in action "on set" at the Ranch below.

In the recent post, Drummond also revealed that Alex's fiancé Mauricio and her nephew Stuart pitch in with taking the still photos "and making sure the wide shot is lined up right and recording when it should." Drummond also has additional assistance helping out with food shopping and prep work, production, and audio. In total, a skeleton crew of eight work on the show with their boots on the ground in Pawhuska. Read the full article here.

We're sure Alex, Paige, and the rest of the show's makeshift posse have quite the résumé updates from this experience. What a job they've done to make sure we can all sit back, relax, and enjoy the food coma.

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