The new streaming service is surprisingly affordable—and some Verizon customers are eligible for a free year.
Disney Sign
Credit: RinoCdZ/Getty Images

If you love Disney movies, come November 12th, you may want to carve out some extra time on your sofa. That's because the company is debuting their long-anticipated streaming service, Disney+ which, to kick things off, will initially offer 7,500 episodes and 500 films from their vault. The Simpsons, Captain Marvel, the Star Wars movies, National Geographic network content, and many beloved Disney films will be among the offerings on the new platform. There will also be new original movies, series, short-form content, and documentaries.

So how much will this treasure trove set you back? The service runs $6.99 a month, or you can buy it at a slight discount if you pay up-front for a year for $69.99. This week, Verizon announced that its 4G LTE and 5G wireless "unlimited" customers will receive a free year of access to the new streaming service.

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You can sign up for Disney+ here. Time to plan out the brunch menu and invite your friends over. Let the countdown begin, friends.

So help us decide: What movie should we watch first?