Your Creepy Old Furby Might Be Worth Big Bucks Now

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Furby Dolls
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You've already torn apart your attic looking for Beanie Babies, Precious Moments figurines, Polly Pockets, and antique skillets in hopes of striking it rich. But now it's time to get back up there and find out if you're still harboring one of the trendy 90s toys everybody has spent the last two decades trying to forget: the Furby.

Debuting in 1998, these furry, emoto-tronic toys blinked, cooed, spoke Furbish, and could even learn English. Available in a variety of colors and 24 special editions, Furbys dominated the late 90s… until they didn't. Cute though decidedly creepy, the toys fell out of favor in the mid 2000s and many found themselves shutting their big ole eyes for good.

If, however, you managed to hold onto your Furby, you're in luck. Today, it could be worth as much as $4,550. Though bidding has ended, a Tiger Special Millennium Edition Furby in a mint-condition box recently went for that much on eBay. Now that the Tiger Special Millenium has sold, currently the most expensive Furby on eBay is the Black Bat Charcoal Furby, which is currently listed for an eye-watering $3,300.

Other Furbies that could add to your nest egg include the 1998 First Edition Furby ($350), 1999 Special Edition Tropical Furby ($600), and a Kid Cuisine Furby Buddy ($175).

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Believe it or not, Hasbro still makes Furbies, so you still have plenty of opportunities to relive your childhood even if you don't have a vintage one lying around.

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