Men are two times more likely than women to show up to the office while sick

Meghan Overdeep
December 20, 2017
PeopleImages/Getty Images

According to a new survey by NSF International, at least 26% of American workers admit to going to work when they are sick. Additionally, men are two times more likely than women to show up to the office while sick.

So why is it that our coworkers are so willing to subject us to their germs? A whopping 42% say it’s because they fear missing deadlines or having to make up too much work, while 25% say it’s because their boss expects them to go to work no matter what. Only 16% of the workforce claims to always stay home when they’re ill.


Posted by NSF International on Friday, February 7, 2014

If the thought of sharing a space with a sneezing, coughing coworker makes you feel, well… sick, you’re certainly not alone. A giant 81% of those surveyed say they not only care when a co-worker comes to work sick, but they will also speak up.

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NSF International always recommends staying home as soon as you start feeling “run down,” which often marks the point when you become contagious. That’s true in almost all instances, but it’s especially important during flu seasons like the particularly bad one we’re experiencing now. And always, always wash those hands!