As of November 11, it's split 66% puh-CON to 34% PEA-can.
Credit: American Pecans

So you like pea-cans? Oh no you don't, you like puh-cahhhhhns. Or is it the other way around? Either way, the American Pecans Council is on a mission to settle the pronunciation debate around the popular nut once and for all.

To that end, they've launched The Super Safe Pecan Debate, where fans of the mildly sweet nut can weigh in on what they believe to be the proper articulation: PEA-can or puh-CON. (In addition to collecting votes on the website, they also created polls on social media platforms.) Voting ends tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. ET so if you've yet to cast your vote be sure to head to before it's too late.

"[This year] has given us a lot to discuss – and even more topics to avoid at this year's Thanksgiving table – but 'puh-CON' vs. 'PEA-can' is one debate you can safely bring up with family and friends. With voting top of mind, we knew it was the perfect time to re-ignite the age-old pecan pronunciation question," said Alex Ott, Executive Director of the American Pecan Council in a company press release. "Even across the 15 pecan-growing states from California to the Carolinas, growers and shellers themselves say it differently. So we're asking America to help us settle it once and for all and encourage everyone to join in on this fun, light-hearted debate. But no matter how you say them, we can all agree that pecans belong on every Thanksgiving table."

Here at Southern Living, we know that many states in our nook of the country are on opposing ends of the spar and it's a very heated topic, to say the least. We know that no matter what camp you're in, the other side will call you wrong, but if we look at the data of 347,301 voters and counting, puh-CON currently has a strong lead with 66% of the votes to PEA-can's 34%. With more than a day left of voting though, there's still time to close the gap, or even have a new winner emerge.

Can we all learn to get along and enjoy some pecan pie cobbler? That sounds like the best bet to us.

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Indeed, however you pronounce said cobbler, there's no time like dessert time. We think we'll need an extra scoop of ice cream to help us recover from all this drama.