This household appliance might just be the key to keeping your most cherished belongings safe and dry.

As Florida braced itself for Hurricane Irma in 2017, one Facebook user offered a smart piece of advice that could potentially safeguard homeowner's belongings. The trick, which has now been shared over a million times on Facebook, is quite simple: Stow cherished belongings in your dishwasher. "It's waterproof and secured to cabinets so it's more likely to survive a storm," Anna Kearns writes in the viral Facebook post.

First, turn off the water supply to your dishwashing unit and make sure to unload everything from the dishwasher. Before adding your possessions to the dishwasher, you can also wrap the photos, jewelry or other small belongings in a plastic bag. Of course, be sure to keep the appliance off until you retrieve your items.

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Obviously, if time allows, it's best to get your most beloved possessions like wedding albums and framed family photos away from the path of the storm. In a pinch, though, this clever trick could help preserve some of your most cherished photos and keepsakes.

It's worth noting that some are skeptical of the technique. But an article in the Palm Beach Post vouches for the dishwasher method: "According to the Florida Bar, the state organization for lawyers, there's no harm in [storing things in your dishwasher] and it is a secure enclosure, but don't forget and later turn the thing on!"

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